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           Some time after hiking through the green places for some minutes, among the trees and next watching a quite enormous climb, you decided to stop at the hill to get some free time and plan where to go next you both agreed that this might be nice to find some water to get some rest because it seemed to be really hot. The sun was coming higher and higher. You could remember that place not that far away with lots of clear pools with clean mountain water and that beautiful small waterfall at the top you used to visit this hill where youre a child.

        You would need to put your things and keep going on foot for some minutes however both of you agreed on it. The journey took you some minutes more to climb, luckily not very dangerous, before seeing the point where it seemed to be no longer possible to keep going with the bikes. So you left the bikes there and carried on on foot. There seemed to be no sight of any people staying at that place, so you’re alone. It didn't take very long before you saw to the first ponds of stunning, fresh, clean stream water. So you decided to stop for a while to rest and hydrate and during all that time you just talked just getting to know each other you met as complete strangers, but after just few hours it seemed like you and that lady knew each other forever this was almost a kind of higher relationship between you and the birdie. it was amazing and the vixen was astonishing as well not just fascinating on the outside, but more perfect as a human being bright and funn that was like a desire.

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“Best Friends Forever”

In the big, wide world, it’s hard to meet true friends, who would stood up to everyone for other person. The best example of those two friends, who were so great doing everything together without fighting were Jess and Bridget. Those two shared everything with each other – their secrets, their fantasies, their dreams; they even had the same job. Jess and Bridget were very exclusive, high class London escorts girls.

        Not just that they were working separate – Jess and Bridget were never riding solo. You could only get one of them, if you agreed on the other. It wasn’t much of a problem, because men desired both of them and threesome with two hot girls was every man’s dream. Jess was tall, long legged brunette with green eyes, beautiful face and smoking ass, while Bridget, a bit smaller blonde, also very pretty, had the biggest boobs the man can imagine. They weren’t just big – they were also perfectly shaped, with little, red, pointy nipples - just flawless. Saying no more, Bridget and Jess could give any man in the world the best night of their lives. It was a very hot, summer day, so Jess and Bridget decided to go to the beach, to tan their sexy bodies, to swim in the sea and to look at some attractive guys. To get the full tan, without any white spots, they decided to go to the nude beach. When they appeared on the beach, they could feel the men’s looks burning on their naked bodies.

        They often liked to tease those horny men and touch each other’s bodies tenderly. It was hard to tell how many boners on the beach they always caused. They laid down on the sand and spotted very handsome man staring at them. Their perky boobs, shaved vaginas and perfect butts were the best treat for every man. They decided to get him what he wanted, because they loved satisfying man. Firstly Jess started touching Bridget’s huge boobs. She was playing with them, squeezing, tickling the nipples, she put her head between them and started kissing them. While Jess was busy with touching Bridget’s boobs, Bridget started rubbing the sunbathing lotion into Jess body. She moved her hand slowly from her shoulders to her but, putting her hands between her legs. They looked at the staring man and noticed his huge dick standing still. He seemed very pleased with the fact that they saw it and very proud. He came closer and said that he contacted the agency and that he was their next client. His name was Philippe, he was 28 year old, handsome, tall man with sexy facial hair, muscular body and very large penis. In order to satisfy horny Philippe, they had to hide behind bushes, because having sex in public, despite being very tempting and satisfying, could cause a lot of trouble to the girls and their agency. They found safe spot and pushed Philippe on the floor.

          Bridget said “I don’t want your skin to burn, honey”, took sunbathing lotion and started rubbing it into Philippe’s body. She started with his face, but moved slowly to his muscular chest, belly and finally to his huge dick. All she wanted from the first minute she saw him, was to touch it and feel it in her hand. Now her dream came true, so she started passionately rubbing it from the tip to the end, sliding to his balls and touching gently his anus. He started moaning quietly, squirming on the warm sand. Jess, very turned on by what she saw, required quick satisfaction, so she took of her panties and sat on Philippe’s face. She felt his scratchy facial hair on her vagina and she waited for his tongue. He didn’t wait too long to put it into her pussy. He was licking her clitoris and penetrating every corner of her inside with his very long, slippery tongue. Keep Philippe busy only with her vagina wasn’t enough for Jess. She grabbed his big hands and put it on her boobs. While twirling his tongue inside her wet pussy, he was squeezing her boobs and rubbing nipples using his thumbs. When she came, and saw that Philippe was also going to come within few seconds, she switched places with Bridget and now she was diving between his legs, and Bridget was kissing him passionately.

           Jess started licking his balls and anus, she moved gently to his dick, sucking it really hardly. Her long tongue was petting his huge cock until she felt warm sperm in her throat. She laid down exhausted next to him on the sand, but she didn’t feel like finishing such a great fun. So as Bridget and Philippe. It was the time for the true threesome. Philippe jumped on Jess and put his big dick into her pussy. In the same time, Bridget saw that Jess was showing her tongue. That could only mean one thing. Bridget sat on the Jess’ face and waited for a big amount of pleasure. Philippe sitting on Jess and fucking her really hard, penetrating her properly from the inside, started kissing Bridget and touching her boobs. Jess’ tongue was sticking deeply into Bridget’s wet vagina, caressing her clitoris and vulva. Jess’ moans doubled Bridget’s pleasure, giving her one of the best cunnilingus she received in her whole life.

           Philippe, also very satisfied with riding Jess hardly, moving his hips front and back, turned on by seeing one girl performing cunnilingus on the other, was having the best days of his life. Jess loved being fucked this hard so it was a win for everyone. They all came almost at the same time. They decided to lay down on the sand for just a couple of minutes, very satisfied and with a big smiles from ear to ear. They all knew that it wasn’t the last time, they were having sex together. They did a great job, making their friendship even stronger.